Orthodox resources

The following are online resources that I have found helpful in my journey.

This document can be found online at http://rikscarborough.com/OrthodoxResources.html

Here are some YouTube channels that I continue to find helpful. It will change over time.

Ancient Faith https://www.youtube.com/@AncientFaithMinistries
Bible Illustrated https://www.youtube.com/@BibleIllustrated
Bible With Brother https://www.youtube.com/@BibleWithBrother
Father Spyridon https://www.youtube.com/@FatherSpyridonROCOR
Father Tryphon https://www.youtube.com/@vashonmonks
Good Spiritual Morning https://www.youtube.com/@goodspiritualmorning4207
Holy Trinity Orthodox Church https://www.youtube.com/@holytrinityorthodoxchurch9655
Orthodox Banter with Bojan https://www.youtube.com/@BanterWithBojan
Orthodox Church in America https://www.youtube.com/@OrthodoxChurchinAmerica-OCA
PatristicNectarFilms https://www.youtube.com/@PatristicNectarFilms
orthodoxnet https://www.youtube.com/@orthodoxnet

Podcasts Ancient faith has several, espescially those by Thomas Hopko
Ancient Faith Podcasts
Bishops - A Series on the Structure and Leadership of the Church

Here are some audible books my wife has found useful.

Welcome to the Orthodox Church
Mary as the Early Christians Knew Her
Facing East